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Immune Cell Detection

Immune Cell Detection

Are you alert to your health enough?? Protect your health with "figures"

Why immune cell tests?

Are there any red flags for your immunity?? Patients with immune deficiency often have allergic symptoms such as skin capillary dilatation, bleeding spots, skin mold, lupus erythematosus and so on. If you want to know your health conditions, avoid the "sub-health" state, develop appropriate health care programs, and enhance your "immunity" against diseases, you need immune cell tests!

What are immune cells:

Immunity is the defense mechanism of immune cells in the human body, and is the ability of human body to recognize and eliminate any foreign body (virus, bacteria, etc.) invading from outside. It is also the ability of the human body to deal with its own aging, injured, dead and degenerated cells, and to identify and deal with mutant cells and virus-infected cells in vivo.



Immune cell detection and analysis is an examination that analyzes immune cells in vivo. With the immune system analysis, the examinee can evaluate the possibility of diseases, including cancer or other immune-related diseases. If you feel extremely tired in life, or have chronic fatigue and diseases for unknown reasons, immune cell detection and analysis will provide recommendations for better quality of life and judgment basis for clinical treatment.


Immune cell detection process