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Autologous Serum Eye Drops (ASE)
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Autologous Serum Eye Drops (ASE)

Autologous serum eye drops can improve the symptoms of patients with moderate to severe dry eye. Patients with secondary dry eye have obvious soothing feelings in case of skin breakage and inflammation around the conjunctiva and cornea.

ASE autologous serum eye drops can be a safe and effective option for patients with dry eye

Compared with common liquid medicine, serum does not have preservative, so it will not cause toxic damage due to frequent application. It is also taken from the patient, so it will not cause allergy and prevent the recurrence of lesions. It also contains various growth factors for repairing trophoblastic cells, which are nutrient components lack in artificial tears.

Three Major Advantages of Sino Cell Technologies ASE Serum Eye Drops

  • Quality Assurance:
It is made and handled in the aseptic boxes of the the aseptic chamber, and filtered with 0.22um PVDF hydrophilic needle, so as to double ensure the sterility of our products. In addition, sampling inspection-check is performed to verify its sterility.
  • Customization without Additives:
Serum concentration can be adjusted according to doctor's prescription, without any preservative or antibiotic added, so as to reduce any damage to eyes.
  • Transparent Management:
Hospitals/clinics/customers all have their own independent codes, thus reducing the probability of errors.