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Adult peripheral blood stem cells
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Adult peripheral blood stem cells

After the age of 30, people begin to accelerate aging, while the function of many organs declines at a shocking rate of 6.25% every year. They begin to fall ill and even suffer from cancer. However, at this time, the vast majority of people are probably in their golden years of life. Their careers are on the rise, but their bodies are beginning to rapidly age and deteriorate.

Do you know? Human body has a useful life. Cells will age and die once their division reaches the upper limit. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells. Therefore, Aubery.de Grey, chief scientist of the "Anti-Aging Engineering Strategy" Foundation, once said: The ability of stem cells to regenerate and repair themselves is an important method to reverse typical aging process.


Preserve peripheral blood stem cells and set a stop order for health:

Perhaps you have already started to use various methods to gain more time (life) and opportunities. But the real first step is to preserve stem cells. According to foreign studies, while people are aging, their stem cells are also aging, and their ability to regenerate and repair is deteriorating. However, as long as peripheral blood stem cells are refrigerated in liquid nitrogen at minus 180 degrees at the earliest possible time, it is like pressing the pause button for your cells to stop aging. When they are required, the cells will not start to operate until the start button is pressed. With such control, you can set a stop point for your health.

Zero-risk cell handling flow

In order to provide customers with better quality cell preservation service and high cell survival rate, Sino Cell Technologies has standardized its process and make customers more assured with multiple layers of checks and examinations.

After collection, the blood will be safely transported to the laboratory at a certain temperature, and the cells will be processed according to a rigorous handling procedure: