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About Sino Cell Technologies


Sino Cell Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in April 2001 by well-knownTaiwan corporations, community role models, and biotechnological and medical experts, with the support of authoritative scholars in the fields of stem cell sciencefrom the United States, Japan and Taiwan.

Sino Cell Technologies is a member of the biotech group under Yuen Foong Yu Group. It primarily engages in stem cell-related fields with focuses on the research and development of umbilical cord blood stem cells and their storage, and will expand into other stem cell-related fields in the future. Sino Cell Technologies hopes to develop its own patents in the fields of cell proliferation, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and pharmaceutical application, so as to become an integrated biotech company in the "cell" field. And it commits itself to the well-being of children and further the health of their parents with its research and development capability, professionalism and service quality and safety.

Our vision is to expand the scope of umbilical cord blood services, attain research and development achievements, and enhance preventive healthcare. Where we are mainly heading for is to continue our research and development in the stem cell field, and establishes ourselves well in Taiwan and expands into the international market.

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Better Quality of Life our unwavering commitment your Assured satisfaction

It is the 19th year since I joined the stem cell sector in 2001. I have been thinking about how to fulfil our corporate responsibility and benefit the general public while running our business. Sino Cell Technologies Stem Cell Bank preserves the precious stem cell resources for its customers. No matter it is umbilical cord blood preserved for mothers or peripheral blood stem cells for adults, the service launched and promoted in recent years, we are here to provide our customers with the strongest backing and protection when necessary.

Sino Cell Technologies’ original intention aims to provide the members of every family with Better Quality of Life by participating in the stem cell market. After 19 years, I am more confident that the business run by our professional team is "doing good deeds" after seeing the improvements in the life of depositor families due to Sino Cell Technologies. In the future, we will extend our services to immune cell detection and storage from stem cell preservation, providing customers with an all-round sub-health management platform and embracing Better Quality of Life together!

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